Shapewear for Women

A quick guide to shopping shapewear for women

Let’s start with a chant: your body, your rules. Women often tend to forget that, and too many people are trying to tell women how they should look, what they should wear, what is good for them, and what isn’t. It’s time to understand that nobody gets to tell you what to wear and how to look, girl. Curvy women, it is your time to shine, to flaunt your bodies, and to embrace your beauty with confidence and elegance. Now, let’s also understand  that shapewear for women isn’t about looking thin or looking skinny under bra or panties. It is about flaunting your curves, and making sure you look seamlessly beautiful in whatever you choose to wear, without worrying about how the outfit looks on you. Shapewear gives you confidence, and lets you be stress-free, so that whether you are at work, or partying with friends, or hanging out with your family while wearing jeans, you can have the time of your life. Think of shapewear as your support system, your buddy, your gal pal, who’s got your back. At Westside, we have a range of shapewear for you and if you are looking for the best body shaper for women, you don’t need to look any further. But, before you shop for shapewear, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here’s a quick set of guidelines to help you shop for shapewear better.

Find the right size of shapewear for women

Small is not a good thing always. When shopping for shapewear for women, most women get to caught up about shopping smaller sizes so that they look skinny. That is a misconception, because if you haven’t picked the right size, you will cause unnecessary bulges that will make you look bigger than you are. More importantly, you will be uncomfortable, and that will show. The best body shaper for women is the one that celebrates your curves and doesn’t try look like you have been forced into a straightjacket.

Understanding body shape when shopping shapewear for women

It is very crucial that you understand which areas you would like to tone, and purchase shapewear accordingly. At Westside, we have the best shapewear for women, in the form of shorts, shaping  briefs, and shaping vests. So, shop according to area of focus, and make sure you get the size right.

Coordinating shapewear for women with outfit is key

Always choose shapewear according to your final outfit. The outer wear should dictate the shapewear. The best body shaper for women is the one that does not make itself conspicuous and complements the outfit. And, for that it is crucial that the right kind of shapewear is chosen per garment. For example, if you are wearing a sleeveless top with narrow straps, choose a shaping tank top accordingly.

Westside has the best shapewear for women

At Westside, whether you are shopping from our website or at our stores, you will definitely find exactly the right kind of shapewear for yourself. With all our varieties, we definitely have the best shapewear for women and you will not be disappointed. So, come to Westside today, and we’ll show you how to look curvy, confident, and fabulous!