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Shopping for casual trousers and chinos for men

A lot of men tend to think that all kinds of trousers are the same and can be worn interchangeably. That there isn’t any difference between formal trousers and mens casual trousers. Now, that is a misconception which needs to be changed. Formal trousers and mens casual trousers are definitely two separate categories, which is specifically defined by the difference in style, fit, construction, and colour choices. For a few decades, chinos for men have been the most popular casual trousers option. At Westside, we have two separate dedicated sections for formal trousers and chinos for men. But before you shop, definitely check out casual trousers for mens online on Instagram and social media to get an idea of the varieties available, and all the different ways in which you can wear and style them.

What’s the difference between formals and chinos for men?

There is a typical difference in the fabric of choice, for starters. Formal trousers are created with various cotton blends, as formal trousers require an easier flow, and are necessarily not form-fit. Formal trousers can have a variety of textures, which can be created with cotton-silk or cotton-wool blends. Formal trousers are also created with linen and khaki. Chinos for men is a twill fabric that was originally a 100% cotton fabric, but have a variety of cotton-synthetic blends these days to create different kinds of fits, because casual trousers can be form-fit, and have skinnier or tapering constructions, unlike formal trousers. Also, while formal trousers do have a wide range of colours and tones today, mens casual trousers really explore the gamut of colours and shades, as more and more men are experimenting with brighter and interesting colours these days. So, from popping reds to shades of green and blue, and even yellow and neon colours, you will find mens casual trousers in any colour you want. For more styling ideas, definitely check out casual trousers for mens online on social media to see how celebrities and influencers are wearing them around the world.  

What the origin story of chinos for men?

Why are chinos, well, called “chinos”? The cotton twill fabric was originally made in China, which was heavily used for the uniforms of Spanish and American armies who waged wars in the south east Asian colonies they occupied. When these soldiers went back to their countries, the fabric travelled with them, and trickled into civilian clothing. The Spanish referred to pants made with the fabric “pantalones chinos” or Chinese pants, and that stuck. 

Shopping chinos for men and mens casual trousers at Westside    

Whether you are shopping casual trousers for mens online or at our stores, at Westside, our wide selection in different colours and fits will definitely blow your mind. You will find a fit and style for every outfit, and for every occasion. After checking out our mens casual trousers collection, you can then pick shirts or t-shirts or jackets to pair with them, to put together a cool new look that you will want to live in. So, come to Westside, and we’ll make sure you leave looking like a million bucks.

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