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Every woman loves to shop for shoes. Aren’t we right, ladies? It is always fun to shop for footwear, and along with heels for women and sneakers, it is a good idea to also add flat sandals for women to your wardrobe. Every woman loves to shop for fancier shoes, but we forget that various kinds of sandals, like platform sandals or chunky sandals are what ladies sandals need on a regular basis to work, play dates, brunches and so on and so forth. And yeah, if you thought sandals only were of one type, you’re wrong, because they come in a variety of styles and, very honestly, everybody should have at least one to two pairs of sandals for women in every style. For starters, different kinds of flat sandals for women work with different outfits and different occasions. For example, platform sandals work for fancier occasions or functions, like a party or a really fancy evening, and are a great replacement for ladies sandals when you are dressing up in glam, while chunky sandals are a lot more versatile. You can wear them to work, but also to brunches, casual evenings, date nights, and parties. Chunkier varieties are a lot more playful and work really well with streetwear too, while flats or platforms are a great addition to western outfits and Indianwear. It is not just the style of the sandals for women but also the colour and type. It is important to have a few pairs in nudes and beige, along with options in tan and black. These are basic options that pair well with almost every outfit for ladies sandals. Then you should invest in colours that will stand out and really make a statement. Reds, pinks, greens, and neons definitely set trends. After that, you should look for embellished options with add-ons like chain links, for example. These are up-glam sandals that everyone should have a few pairs of in their wardrobe, especially for high-octane parties. Also, while shopping flat sandals for women, it is also important to build an outfit around it. At Westside, we have a wide range of options when it comes to sandals from formals to partywear, so that you can create a fantastic look all at the same time.

Different types of sandals for women

There are various kinds of sandals for women and it is very important to understand that different styles of sandals work for different occasions. Statement chunky sandals will not work for an office occasion, just like it is boring to wear beige flat sandals for women to a glamorous party. So, it is important to have various options, to wear to different functions. Beige and tan flat sandals for women or platform sandals are great options to pair with workwear. You can choose from various styles of platform sandals for women, and you can not only pair them with office wear but also with brunch outfits, casualwear for chilled out hangs, and they also pair beautifully with Indianwear. When shopping for different kinds of sandals, it also important to take the outfit and the length of the outfit into consideration, and wear pieces accordingly. Embellished sandals, or platform sandals, chunky sandals or heel ladies sandals are a great option for partywear, and you can definitely rock any outfit with them. For glam looks, choose sandal options that are statement and are not afraid to stand out. The right kind of colour or embellishing can be a strong statement feature for any outfit, and can be the highlight accessory of a party OOTD, or even an Indianwear look. It is therefore very important to choose sandals for women wisely and pair them according to your outfit.

Shopping sandals for women at Westside

With the wide range of footwear at Westside, whatever you are shopping for, you will definitely be spoiled for choice and will want to pick up every pair. Our range of flat sandals for women or ladies sandals will surely blow your mind, and whether you are shopping for platform sandals or chunky sandals, we will make sure you find the perfect pair!
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