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Shopping for home decoration items? Check out the best scented candles and candle holder online!

We are always adding little curios and artifacts to our homes, beautifying it and brightening it every day. But nothing brightens up a living area or a bedside table like scented candles. They change the vibe of a room, or set the mood, usher in positivity, or just create a heartwarming ambience for yourself, friends, and family. And while earlier, scented candles would just boast of wonderful fragrances, these days, they look fantastic too. Shopping for decorative candles can be quite a fun pastime. You can pick different options for different parts of your home, in different styles and colours, to create different settings and themes. And everybody knows that, to really create an impact with decorative candles, you need the perfect candle holder. At Westside, we have a wide range of home decoration items, and a vast collection of decorative candles and candle stand. So, whether you want to add pieces to your home, are planning a makeover, or just looking for a cute and intimate gift for a friend, come over to our stores or check our website for the coolest new additions. 

What to keep in mind when shopping for scented candles

First up, scented candles are really wonderful gifts. They are meaningful, classy, and add a touch of warmth to a gift hamper or standalone. You can always choose for a wide range of designs and fragrances, and that shows a personal touch. On the other hand, a lot of us love collecting decorative candles. They make for great conversation starters, and tell us a lot about the collector. So, when you are shopping for candles, here are a few things to keep in mind: Firstly, when shopping scented candles, always be mindful of the fragrance. Choose wisely if you are gifting someone. Pick a fragrance they will love, or one that is universally appreciated. If you are shopping for yourself though, feel free to experiment. Secondly, when shopping decorative candles, keep in mind where you plan to place them. Pick designs and colours accordingly, so that they add value to your home décor and don’t stick out like a sore thumb. When shopping for home decoration items, it is always important to keep their ultimate spot in your home in mind so that they fit the décor theme. Thirdly, if you are shopping for decorative candles, also pick up a candle stand that pairs nicely with it. Especially if you are gifting the candle to someone, a candle stand adds more value and shows that you have discerningly put the gift together.

How to select the right candle stand for your home

When shopping for a candle holder to go with your candles, definitely pick according to your room’s décor. When shopping for home decoration items, this is a common error people make. Shop the candle holder according to your home’s scheme and where you plan to place it. Next, pick a candle stand that suits your home interior design style. An ornate candle holder might not work in a minimalistic setup. Similarly, a subtle candle stand won’t pair well with ornate decorative candles or a statement décor vibe. A seamless aesthetic creates a tasteful ambience. 

Shopping home decoration items at Westside

From the coolest scented candles to the perfect candle stand, from beautiful decorative candles to the most Instagrammable candle holder, everything you are looking for is available at your one-stop favourite shopping destination!        

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