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Things to keep in mind when shopping for mens formal trousers

While all of us would love to live in our denims, we know that we need to have a bigger collection of mens formal trousers because that is what we need to wear every day. Formal trousers are work wear must-haves, and it is extremely important to have a good selection of trousers in your wardrobe. Most people make the mistake of having just a few basics and think that will be enough, but soon realise that a wide variety is required to go with different shirts and blazers. When shopping formal trousers for mens, always remember that fit, trouser length, and colour, are the three most crucial parameters for buying trousers. At Westside, whether you are shopping formal trousers for mens online or at our stores, we will always have a wide selection of trousers for you, in a variety of colours, different styles of tapering, and in stylish textures and gradients. 

How to navigate the parameters while shopping formal trousers for mens

Let’s start with colour. Gone are the days of boring blacks and browns. While they are your basics and you should definitely have a few options in each, mens formal trousers come in a wide range of colours these days that are accepted in workplaces and are appreciated by everybody. Try various shades of blue and green, and a spectrum of tan. Wear deeper shades during weekdays, and shift to cooler pastels on Fridays or for work meetings and lunches maybe? Also, beige is not just one shade. While many think that beige is boring, it completely depends on the shade you pick, and the shirt and jacket you wear it with. A well-fitted pair of tan mens formal trousers with a classic white shirt and a dark blue or green blazer with a pop-print pocket square is dapper central. Along with colour, don’t forget to experiment with patterns. Stripes and checks maybe? Why not? Start with smaller patterns and then, if you feel confident, and the occasion calls for it, go bold. At Westside, we have a variety of fits for formal trousers for mens, so you can pick whichever works for you. Go slim and tapered or keep it regular and straight, find what’s comfortable for you. Now, we come to the tricky one – pant length. When it comes to formal trousers for mens, there are two rules: The conventional, and the modern. The conventional rule for pant length is a slight break or fold of the fabric on the shoe in the front of the trouser leg, while the modern rule - keeping with shorter pant legs across categories – doesn’t require a break and can end right above the shoe to form a clean, straight look. Pick whichever you are comfortable with. Before shopping, check out formal trousers for mens online on social media and see how both the lengths look and take a call accordingly. 

Why you’ll love mens formal trousers from Westside

Not only do we have a wide range of colour and fit options, Westside’s formal trousers for mens have exceptional quality and are perfect for daily use. So, whether you are shopping formal trousers for mens online on our website or in our stores, we’ll a bunch of options that you will definitely fall in love with.    

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