Studiowest Marine Seaweed & Aloe Vera Face Mask 100 gm
Give your skin a well-deserved break with Studiowest Face Mask. Enriched with the goodness of Marine Seaweed and Aloe vera, this mask seeps into the skin, conditioning it and softening it from within. It will help revive dull skin, leaving...
₹ 495.00
Studiowest Marine Seaweed & Orange Peel Face Scrub, 100 gm
Face exfoliation gives your skin the break it deserves. With Studiowest's seaweed and orange face scrub, you can give your skin a breath of fresh air. Its tiny granules will remove dirt and give your skin a natural glow.
₹ 395.00
Studiowest Marine Seaweed & Green Tea Face Wash, 100 ml
Hydrate your skin like you hydrate your body, with a gentle, nourishing and anti-oxidant cleanser. The goodness of seaweed and green tea, makes it perfect for daily use to keep your skin clean, soft and happy.
₹ 345.00
Studiowest Marine Seaweed & Cucumber Face Lotion, 50 ml
Say hello to soft and supple skin with this face lotion by Studiowest. Its rich and creamy formula will moisturise your skin leaving it smooth and glowing all day long.
₹ 445.00
Studiowest Marine Eye Cream, 15 gm
Your night-time skincare routine needs a new addition. Studiowest Marine Hydra eye cream with seaweed and grapefruit extracts will leave your under eye feeling soft and radiant.
₹ 595.00
Studiowest Marine Night Cream, 50 gm
A light weight cream that nourishes your skin. A perfect addition to your nighttime skincare regime, with extracts of seaweed and grapefruit leaves your skin ultra soft and radiant.
₹ 545.00
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