Sweatshirts for Men

A style guide for sweatshirts for mens

A sweatshirt might be seen as a simple piece of clothing but it is an extremely versatile garment in a man’s wardrobe. Think about it: Sweatshirt for mens can be worn just by themselves, as a part of various casual outfits, or with a variety of layers, and can even be incorporated into formal wear. It would be great if you check out how celebrities and fashion influencers are styling sweatshirts for mens online on social media to understand different ways in which you can wear this garment. Styling sweatshirts for mens is the most important confusion that most men have. Sweatshirts are not sweaters or pullovers, unlike what most people think. Don’t make that mistake. At Westside, whether you are shopping mens sweatshirts online or at our stores, you will be blown away by the wide range of options that we have for you.

Different styles of sweatshirts for mens

If you think that sweatshirts are only crew neck full-sleeve t-shirts, it’s time you changed that opinion. At Westside, we have a variety of options, and you will definitely want to pick up one of each style. For starters, you will find the basic crew neck relaxed-fit options, which form a major part of any man’s wardrobe. Invest in a bunch of solid sweatshirts which can easily be a part of formal and casual wardrobes. For the adventurous ones, there are taping options, and some cool printed and tie & dye ones too. If you think sweatshirts are boring, definitely check out sweatshirts for mens online on social media to see how different people are styling sweatshirts these days. At Westside, we also have a variety of hoodie sweatshirts for mens which look great by themselves, but can also be worn under layers like blazers and jackets.

How to style sweatshirts for mens

For starters, invest in basic sweatshirts that can be worn with anything. Sweatshirts look great solo, with just your favourite pair of denims, or chinos. For a cool layer, style them with denim trucker jackets. If you want a warmer option, wear them with a knit blazer or a think knitted cardigan. For max warmth, sweatshirts go perfectly with leather jackets and trench coats. Printed and textured sweatshirts can be styled in similar a fashion, and you should check out how influencers and styling mens sweatshirts online. It is everybody’s favourite menswear garment on the internet! If you are styling an all-over printed sweatshirt, like a tie & dye sweatshirt, for example, it is important to understand contrast and colours, and what colours would perfectly complement the sweatshirt. The easiest way out is to pick a dark layer. Black and deep blue or deep green will go with practically every outfit. You can also play the co-ord game and get matching bottoms with the sweatshirt, and wear a layer in a matching colour too. Need inspo on how to ace co-ords? Check out celebrities and how they are styling sweatshirts for mens online on social media. Hoodie sweatshirts for mens look really cool with jackets, and K-dramas has made this a popular style code for men. At Westside, whether you are shopping for mens sweatshirts online on the website, or in our stores, you will always find the best of options, great fits, coolest styles, and outstanding quality.