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3 Indoor Ideas | Made In India

Décor ideas that make it happen!

Imagine a tropical paradise this season? A much-needed vacation is sitting right where you are.

Whether you are going cottagecore or planning every mealtime as an Al fresco spread, here are 3 ideas to make that happen with bedcovers, table mats, bright and textured cushion covers by Westside Home.

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A New Fate for Plates!

Assemble your wicker mats, ceramic places, and that coloured colander too. The good news is that no matter how you arrange them - they are sure to carve out time for a joyous activity ad make a ‘gram ready photo-op wall too! An Indian-inspired décor to your neutral wall - greet your vacation nostalgia goodbye with this one.

Go the Al Fresco Way!

All you need: crisp bedsheets, plush cushions, wicker baskets to store your blankets for the times when the air gets nippy, a handful of fresh flowers, and your delectable spread!

Time to set new goals for ‘staycation’ and plan beyond Netflix and your comforter. Set your playlist and unwind with your loved ones and know it’s the little moments that make your space a home!

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Wicker Baskets For Home Décor By Westside

Pom-pom cheer for your planters!

Exercising your green thumb? Revamp a nook for your leafy babies with brass holders and wicker baskets. Get lauded for your Indie essence when you match your greens with the vivid pom-pom wicker baskets. A vacation isn’t one if there is no nature around you, just the time to revisit modern-day gardening with these cutesy holders.

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