Monsson Footwear

Monsoon Footwear

Just because you don’t want to get your sneakers and heels wet, doesn’t mean you can’t sport stylish footwear. From trendy clogs and monsoon sandal for womens, mens flip flops and smart mens slippers, to a variety of chic monsoon footwear for womens, the options are endless, and should make it into this season’s OOTDs!

Womes Flip Flops

The monsoons have really not been a great time for footwear. Earlier, the options were few, mostly slip-ons, that weren’t too stylish either. More importantly, you couldn’t wear them to every occasion. But, monsoon footwear fashion is a whole new ball game right now!

There is a wide range of monsoon footwear for womens – from casual flip flops to stylish monsoon sandal for womens – and while earlier, men barely had any monsoon footwear options barring mens slippers, today, not only have mens flip flops become smart and cool, but along with them, there is a wide range of slip-on shoes, slides, clogs, and other varieties, that will definitely blow your mind. At Westside, you will find all of these footwear styles, in a range of colours and patterns. Also, we haven’t forgotten the little ones either!If you are looking for work-appropriate monsoon footwear for womens, check out Westside’s range of chic clogs and slip-ons. Subtle and understated, they are versatile enough to go with any outfit, and work with officewear and casualwear. Our range of slides should bowl you over too. Need ready-for-monsoon sandal for womens? Check out our very cool range today!

Womens Footwear
Mens Footwear

Guys, it’s time you reserved mens slippers for pool time only. Come over to Westside to check out our men’s range of clogs and slides, monsoon-ready slip-on shoes, and a bunch of other varieties. If you are a mens flip flops fan, don’t worry, we’ve got cool-dude styles in them too.

Lastly, for all the running around and fun time your little munchkins are going to enjoy this season, finish their outfits with cute monsoon clogs in bright colours and fun print elements!

Mens Clogs

Splurge on the collections from Luna Blu and Soleplay by Westside. Check out the full collections at or at a Westside store near you.