Men & Women Sneakers

Sneaker Fever

Womens sneakers and mens sneakers have definitely become the most important pairs of footwear in our wardrobe. Whether we need mens running shoes, stylish kicks, versatile trainers, or sports shoes for men, we are constantly obsessed with expanding our collection – and no one is complaining!

A decade back, who would have thought that sneakers or women and mens running shoes would become the ultimate fashion accessory of the future. The journey that sneakers have had is a mind-boggling one, and today, womens sneakers and mens sneakers are the coolest features in any bodies wardrobe. At Westside, we are constantly updating our designs, and keeping up with global sneaker trends, so that you can shop your favourite pairs from our wide range of sneakers.

Womens Sneakers by Luna Blu

Womens sneakers come in a wide range of stylish shades. Pop and neon is huge, as are multi-hues and dark solids. Also, never forget the trusted whites. Chunky soles are the next hit feature in womens sneakers, and you can always play around with quirky laces for some added wow.

If you are shopping for mens sneakers, the options are endless. Choose trainers or mens running shoes for the gym and your workouts, and heavy-duty sports shoes for men for outdoor activities. For casual everyday mens sneakers, don’t be afraid to experiment with colours. Chunky soles are hot for men too, and styles like high-tops, will definitely amp up any streetwear or denim OOTD. So, come over to Westside to check out our wide range of mens sneakers and sports shoes for men.

Mens Sneakers by Soleplay

Splurge on womens sneakers and mens sneakers from Luna Blu and Soleplay by Westside. Check out the full collections at or at a Westside store near you.