Pamper Session With Studiowest Range Of Bath And Body.

A body care routine that feels luxurious and just melts at the touch is just a dream story. Making you feel amazing every day is just the perfect treat you could gift yourself. Indulge in our carefully curated range of Bath and Body products and make it the highlight of your day. Wait no further, start exploring the feathery and supple bath and body collection right away

An all-rounder range, catering to your daily body care is just what you need to keep your skin fresh, soft, and healthy! Keep away the struggle of dry and flaky with hand cream coming in a variety of exciting scents. It’s definitely a must-have in your day-to-day handbag. Get that picture-perfect healthy looking glowing skin with revitalising and hydrating face moisturiser. This is your one-stop solution to well-hydrated skin. Give your body some much-awaited pampering with shower gel that gets you smelling like a million bucks. All the amazing products now available in thrilling flavours such as Coconut Water, Pistachio, Ginger Lime, Oceanic Amber, and Cucumber Bamboo. Your skin is going to look like the actual dream going with these everyday staples.

Give your skin all the nourishment and care it needs with the essence of pistachio, coconut, and amber, and more. Lush shower gel, hand cream, and face moisturiser now in exciting scents like coconut to awaken all the tropical feels, wholesome pistachio and the ever warm and hydrating amber. The rich formulation, effective ingredients, and sensational aroma is sure to keep you hooked. With a rise in the hype for quality ingredients and formulas in the skincare world, the hand cream, face moisturiser and shower gel are sure to be the rockstars. This is your ultimate guide to a gentle and elevated skincare and body care routine like no other.

Your wish to make travel packing easier than ever has come true. We’ve got just the right travel-size kits for all your adventures. Sit back and pack light is the new travel motto. All these eye-catching shower gel, face moisturiser, hand cream, and everything else that won’t break the bank. Compiling a selfcare routine for you now made super affordable. Pick your favourite and pamper yourself in luxury.

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