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Colour Blocking

Rock the hottest trend of the season with womenswear and menswear by NUON, and heads will turn in every room you walk into

For novices, here’s a quick primer: colour blocking is the fashion trend in both womenswear and menswear of wearing similar or contrasting solid colours across the garments and layers in an outfit. Colour blocking is done well if the colour combinations are intelligently put together, with a clear understanding of how to layer the colours, and balance tops and bottoms. Also, statement accessories really make colour-blocked ensembles pop.

Grey Denim Jacket By NUON For Men

NUON womenswear has a wide range of garments to play colour blocking with. From basic t shirts for ladies, to cool ladies tops and jackets , and a variety of trousers for women, mix-and-match to your taste, and have fun with it. For a casual brunch, don basic t shirts for ladies or textured ladies tops in a lighter shade with darker, contrasting jackets for ladies, paired with matching trousers for women. The look has a faux pantsuit-y vibe, which is on fleek these days. And for that something extra, keep it cute with chunky sole sneakers.

Here’s another colour-blocked layering option: Keep it simple and basic with textured t shirts for ladies paired with joggers or trousers for women, both in muted and dusty solids. Then, amp the outfit up with statement jackets for ladies like this black number by NUON to look like a total girl boss. Standard rule of thumb: Muted ladies tops as the starting point, the next layers in contrast to that, bottoms to match the layers, or complement the top. Go crazy with the footwear.

Charcoal Denim Jacket By NUON For Men
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What’s better than layering? Double layering. The layer-on-layer is becoming a popular menswear look, apt for colder weathers. To get layer-on-layer right, concentrate on the fits. The bottom layers, like the t shirt for mens, should be well-fitted, and the trousers for mens sharp and slim. Top that with a printed or checked winter shirt, and then long hoodies or rugged jackets for men like denim jackets. The fun lies in being able to play with the sequence of layers. How about hoodies under a solid t shirt , followed by standout shirts and then denim jackets? NUON menswear offers innumerable options for you to play around with.

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