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Gifting Inspo for Mother’s Day

The Ultimate Gift Guide

Whether your mum is a makeup fanatic, skincare lover, shoe and bag adict, fashionista, fitness freak or home enthusiast, we have everything you’re looking for! Slide up to get perfect gift curations for her.

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For the mum who hustles 24*7

If your mum is a workaholic who always dresses on-point, you know what to get her. This perfect capsule will make a lasting impression wherever she goes.

For the mum who has the best aesthetics

If your mum is a home enthusiast, then gift her just what she needs to perfect that nook at home.

Living & Home Care
Skincare gift for mom

For the mum who believes in skin-care

Is your mum a fan of skincare products? Does she follow a proper day and night routine? If yes, then kudos to you! You’ve just found the perfect skincare gift capsule for her.

For the mum who’s mantra is fitness

If your mum’s day starts with Zumba and ends with meditation, then we have the perfect something for her! Get her this capsule and show that you care.

clothing & shoes for mom
personal & beauty care

For the mum who is the sunshine of our days

If keeping it simple with a hint of charm is your mum’s personal style then this gift capsule that looks like sunshine is made specially for her.

For the mum who keeps it casual and on-point

If your mum is free-spirited then this gift capsule is going to be her favourite gift this year. An effortless dress, paired with a sling bag and comfy slip-ons, this look is perfect for her.

casual clothing & personal care
beauty care

For the mum who likes to go glam

If your mum is all about keeping it glam then look no further. This perfect “ace the base” gift capsule is what she needs right now.

For the mum who is always on-the-go

If your mum is always busy running errands then you be her saviour. Gift her this perfect on-the-go capsule and show her you care.

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