NUON Mens Denim Jacket

Light Layering

With the winter slowly fading away, light layers like jackets for men and jackets for women are the perfect additions to everyday casual and formal wear. So, whether you love bombers, light flannel, cropped, or denim jackets, this is the season to style them into your wardrobe.

When we talk about jackets, denim jackets are definitely the hot favourites. Denim jackets for womens come in various styles these days, with the casual trucker, slim fits, and cropped versions. The best thing about denim jackets for ladies is that it is so versatile, and can be a part of any outfit. You can pair denim jacket for womens with tops and trousers, or tops and skirts. Or, if you are feeling adventurous, why not try out a denim-on-denim look? Transitional weathers are perfect times to experiment with layers. The trucker denim jacket for womens is the most popular fit, and is beloved by everybody.

NUON Womens Denim Jacket

For those who have a knack for streetwear, definitely check out cropped jackets for women. Cropped jackets look cool, and can be paired with joggers and high-waisted pants, along with chunky sneakers for a very cool, and edgy vibe.

When shopping jackets for women, it is always important to shop according to the weather and the outfit. All kinds of jackets for ladies won’t pair well with every outfit. Denim jackets are casual wear, so they won’t work for dressier occasions. Secondly, when shopping for denim jackets for ladies, choose lighter denims for pleasant weathers, and thicker varieties for when it is colder, and you want to feel snug and warm.

LOV Womens Cropped Denim Jacket
Ascot Mens Jackets

When it comes to men, there are a variety of layering options. Denim jackets for men are of course top favourites, but casual jackets with a front zipper paired over a mens sweater is a cool winter look. For a lighter layering option, pair a light mens sweater with a winter shirt maybe? Or go the classic t-shirt and shirt combo. For added warmth, you can always throw on a any kind of jackets for men to that look. Check out bombers and dinner jackets too, for a classier look, for less casual evenings. A knitted mens sweater under a dinner jacket or a bomber is definitely sharp, smart, and dressed to impress.

When it comes to kids wear, jackets are their favourites too. Denim jackets are hot property for both girls and boys, and can be easily paired with casual outfits. But, instead of denim, can kids wear hoodie jackets maybe? Absolutely. At Westside, shopping kids wear is an absolute delight, and your little ones will always want to come back!

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