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Five types of mens jeans you must have in your wardrobe

Which is the most popular and most versatile of menswear garments? You guessed it – mens jeans. Everybody has multiple pairs, in different cuts and styles, and we also have that one favourite that we wear a little too often and too much. Mens jeans is a menswear favourite, and be it denims or mens jeans shirts or jackets, men are eternally in love with the fabric. Almost all of us are regularly shopping for mens jeans online, right? Every year, a host of new denim trends and styles pop up, and given how popular denim is, everybody wants to get in on the action. Historically too, mens jeans have seen a constant evolution, and a steady flow of new trends, which has affected global denim fashion and jeans consumption. At Westside, we are constantly aware of that, and hence, our mens jeans section will definitely blow your mind with the variety and range we have in store. But before you buy jeans for mens, it is important to know which kinds of denims are must-haves right now.

Do all mens jeans have to be skinny fits?

If you check out mens jeans online on social media, you’ll notice that skinny fit or skin-tight denims are the most popular. While, skinny fit jeans are obviously really cool and are a must-have in your wardrobe, you should shop for them only if you are comfortable wearing them. Also, there is a common misconception that denim is a tough fabric and hence, skin-tight mens jeans are uncomfortable. That is absolutely untrue. While denim did start off as a tough fabric, meant for rough usage, it has evolved into a soft and comfortable fabric now, and is often inter-woven with lycra to provide stretchability, hence allowing skinny fits to be extremely comfortable and wearable. But, if skinny fits aren’t for you, try out carrot fits or tapered jeans, which have a slimmer construction, but might not be as form-fitting as a skinny fit. Also, a second must-have are retro-fit straight cut mens jeans these days. Straight cuts might have been dismissed for being too daddy in the last decade, but with roomier fits and oversized being the hot trend right now, straight cuts are coming back. So, definitely invest in one. Before you buy jeans for mens, it is always important to check out the trending fit and style of the year, and then make an educated decision on whether it works for your personal style or not.

Is acid-washed mens jeans still a thing?

Distressed is still the name of the game. You can check out mens jeans online, and you will come across celebrities and influencers wearing denims in various stages of distress. Acid wash is still cool, and is definitely a must-have. Also, check out ripped denims, and pick one that suits you. All ripped denims don’t have to be absolutely shredded; you can always pick an option with minimal distressing. Distressed mens jeans, of any kind, is a must-have. The fourth must-have is painted denims. Either paint splatters or elaborate hand painted denims, select an option that suits your style. For a cool co-ord idea, pick up a mens jeans trucker jacket to got with it.

Is the classic blue mens jeans still in fashion?

Absolutely. And along with it, coloured denims are also trending. Either play safe with blues, blacks, and whites, or experiment with dyed options like red, green, and other shades. The world’s your oyster. So, next time when you want to buy jeans for mens, come to Westside, and we’ll give you a denim makeover!

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