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Need something that goes with everything? Consider a pair of denim. Want a bit of ruggedness to your look? Definitely denim. Can’t compromise on comfort? Have you met our friend, denim?

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Is denim-on-denim actually cool?

Doubling up Try diversifying your colour palette and mix up one of your washed indigo jackets, with chalky grey jeans. Add a pair of off-duty sneakers to finish the look, and embrace the punk effect. Psstt.. we have a hunch that this look peaks our denim update.

What is the best and the easiest way to dress up denim?

When we talk about “easiest” pieces, a comfortable tee is the one that pops in our mind. Bring that ease to styling with a pair of black jeans and a light wash distressed denim jacket over your light-hued comfy tee. Finish the look with feel-good slides, and voila! We just curated your good day- great outfit uniform.

Nuon Mens Blue Denim Jacket
Mens Jeans By Nuon Westside

Are jeans really comfortable though?

The answer to this frequently asked question is: yes when it is the right pair of jeans. We all love the jeans that give us a cool vibe and still score major comfort points for us. The NuOFlex range by NUON brings the right amount of stretch and stands out. Don’t believe us? Take them for a spin, go on a run outside (wearing a mask, of course) or just attend a session of yoga wearing them! Yes, they’re that flexible!

How many pairs of jeans should a person ideally own?

There are no rules when we talk about fashion, especially when it comes to the most essential piece in our close and because we have a wash for every vibe, more will always be less.

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From dark to light, and day to night, there’s a wide range of colours to play with. Shop the range in denim by Nuon men and WES Casuals.

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