Polo Tshirts for Men


We know you love shirts and crewnecks in mens wear, but are you missing out on the joys of styling OOTDs with smart polo t shirts for men? Often ignored as boring mens clothing, our stylish polos will definitely become your season’s favourites

Mens Collar Tshirt

It’s time we had a conversation about polo t shirts for men. It’s true that mens t shirt with collar have forever received a bad rap, and is associated with boring mens clothing for unfashionable older people. While that is true, it is also unfair, because most people don’t want to experiment with polos in mens wear.

Polo t shirts for men can be smart and fun alternatives to shirts and crewneck tees if worn properly and styled correctly. Mens t shirt with collar do not look as formal as shirts, but also don’t look as laidback as a jeans-and-tee look. Polos are the perfect balancing act, and here at Westside, we offer a wide range of stylish polos, just for you.

Mens Casual Tshirts
Polo Tshirts for Men

When shopping polo t shirts for men, always remember to shop slim-fit options. At Westside, we have a variety of sharp, slim polos, that you can easily pair with shorts, slim trousers, and your favourite denims, for the perfect brunch or weekend look. Secondly, when shopping for mens wear, add printed and colourful mens t shirt with collar to your list. Polos don’t have to be boring, jaded solids only, right? Experiment with stripes and prints, bold shades and interesting patterns. Thirdly, whenever you are shopping for mens clothing, always plan the whole look. Polos are great Friday casuals, and weekendwear. Style your OOTD accordingly.

Most importantly, don’t forget to have fun with it! Play around with colours, accessorise, and try on trends you haven’t till date. You’ll thank us later.

Polo Tshirts for Men

Explore polo t shirts for men from Ascot and WES C by Westside. Check out the full collections at westside.com or at a Westside store near you.