Lip Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Nourished And Healthy Lips

In the realm of skincare, lipcare is something many of us leave out of the focus. Our lips are not only delicate, but also a key area of our face. Your lips require exfoliation, nourishment, care, hydration and that extra attention and care! Explore our range of lip therapy, a holistic approach that keeps your pout stay soft, supple, and smooth.

The journey to a luscious and plump lip begins with exfoliation. Lip scrubs are can be used to exfoliate the dead skin cells, revealing the soft skin underneath. Regular use of a lip scrub promotes blood circulation and helps lip products penetrate more effectively. A good lip balm is your ultimate everyday essential. Opt for lip balms with ingredients that is long lasting, light-weight and hydrating.

Consistency is the key to any successful skincare routine. Let’s make lip care a part of your daily routine, just like you would with your skincare. For an little bit of indulgence, treat your lips to a lip mask. Our favourite lip care tip is to apply the lip mask and leave it on for a couple minutes. It’s a spa-like treatment in the comfort of your home! Nourishing ingredients of our lip mask is put together to give you a soothing and hydrating effect.

Understanding your lips' unique needs ensures that your lip care routine is not only effective but enjoyable. If your lips tend to be on the dry side, opt for richer lip balms and lip masks. Our range of balms are made to not just rejuvenate but also helps you in fading away pigmentation. Finish up your lip care with our lip primer – that’s specially made to create a base for all your lipsticks, giving it a long-lasting, vibrant finish.

The new range of lip therapy from Studiowest by Westside is a holistic approach to caring for one of the most delicate and important parts of our skin. From the exfoliating benefits of a lip scrub to the everyday rejuvenation provided by lip balm, and the pampering of a plumping lip mask, along with a lip primer. Every step plays a vital role in keeping your lips healthy and beautiful. Embrace the routine of lip therapy and let your lips shine with beauty. Shop our range of lip care at your nearest store or visit