Virali Modi – My Worth Is Not Tied To My Wheelchair

On this episode, Sameera Reddy is joined by India's first wheelchair-using model,Virali Modi. Virali is also a disability rights activist and motivational speaker. Sameerachats with her about the incident that changed her life at age 15 and left herparalysed from the waist down, the strength that her mother's love gave her to keepher alive and the need for more disability representation in the media. Check out tothe Limitless podcast to listen to more of this conversation.

Trigger Warning: Please note, this episode has mentions of self-harm, depression and abuse. If you or someone you know needs help, here is a list of resources:

National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences


National Commission for Women Helpline: 7827170170

¡Call (Suicide Prevention) Helpline: