Citrus Skincare by Studiowest

Citrus Skincare

Looking for the best skin care products to keep your skin nourished this summer? All you need is a shot of citrus! Include the goodness of vitamin C in your skincare routine with skincare products like day and night creams, face washes and a good vitamin C serum, and you’re going to look bright and radiant like never before!

Night Cream by Studiowest

The summers can be really harmful for your skin, which is why you need constant hydration, nourishment, healing, and protection – something that cannot be achieved by just one product. At Westside, we have put together the best skin care products you need, packed with the goodness of vitamin C, so that you always have a solution to any problem in your skincare arsenal.

Every skincare routine should include face scrub and then a good foaming face wash and after that face mask. When shopping for skincare products, start with the face wash. A good cleanse is the foundation of any skincare routine.
After washing your face, give your skin a nourishing boost of citrus with a vitamin C serum. Serums have active properties which your skin can absorb faster, delivering a healthy glow. A vitamin C serum is definitely one of the best skin care products you can own.

Face Serum by Studiowest
Face Moisturiser by Studiowest

The next step in your skincare routine are hydrating and nourishing creams to reduce pigmentation, dark spots, and fine lines, and achieve an unbeatable natural glow. You should pick both day and night creams when shopping for skincare products. The creams work best when they follow the vitamin C serum application. At night, after applying the night cream, use the under eye gel, to help fight dark circles and signs of stress.

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