Holi skincare

Need the best products for pre holi skincare and post holi skin care routines but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you sorted. With the best of products and cool holi skin care tips, this spring, get that unbeatable glow!


While it might be a fun and cheerful festival, you need to really prep yourself and your skin for all the damage holi colours, the sun, and the heat, might do to you. That is why, it is important to find the right products for pre holi skincare, and also a post holi skin care routine to take care of your skin. Armed with these products and some easy holi skin care tips, you will be ready for all the fun you will have this holi.

The most important of holi skin care tips is that your pre holi skincare regime is a good sunscreen. You will need protection from long hours in the sun so make sure that sunscreen with a healthy SPF is part of your pre holi skincare.


Your post holi skin care should start with face washes, scrubs, and body shower gels that hydrate and are not too harsh on the skin. After that, make rejuvenating serums with AHAs, actives, and Vitamin C a part of your post holi skin care routine, along with nourishing body butters and polishes. Need the best of holi skin care tips? Follow it up with a sheet mask, and a sleeping mask for complete recovery and damage prevention

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