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Face Serum For Women By Studiowest

Serums are the best beauty heroes. This potent potion cares for your skin and helps defeat every issue by penetrating deep into the dermal layers, brightening, nourishing and caring for it. When introducing a serum into your skincare routine, it’s best to pick one that’s made to help tackle your primary skin concerns. Their concentrated nature helps care for the most prevalent skin issues you may be dealing with, healing your skin with regular use.

With the ability to moisturize, clarify, or brighten, this 10-minute solution can provide skin with immediate relief—not to mention a moment to press pause. After a long day of answering emails, studying or attending meetings, there's nothing better than hanging out in front of the TV with a sheet mask to calm, hydrate and brighten the skin while you relax. These easy to apply sheet masks increases moisture levels, and the sheet itself seals the good-for-you ingredients and moisture so they can't evaporate off the face. With the mask as a trap for the ingredients, the skin is then "force-fed" the ingredients, letting them penetrate better into the skin.

Sheet Masks For Women By Studiowest
Sunscreen By Studiowest

Sunscreen is the most effective way to shield skin from cancer-causing ultraviolet radiation, as well as premature aging, which is the primary cause of fine lines, deeper wrinkles, blotchiness, discoloration, and textural abnormalities. As the lockdowns begin to loosen, it’s only natural to want to bound out of the house for some fresh air and safe, socially distant recreation without sunscreen. But it’s because we’ve been spending excess time indoors during quarantine that it’s especially essential to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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