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Score major streetwear cred with NUON's skater-inspired outfits for young men and women

When we think of skateboarders, the visuals of skating ramps and giant, vibrant graffities conjure a sense of adventure, independence, and freedom. Skateboarding is a way of life, that extends from the sport into art and fashion. Passionate skateboarders view the world differently, and there is always a strong sense of brotherhood, peace, and community. It is about practicing a sport together, making art together, and creating a safe space for like-minded individuals to thrive and be their true selves.

NUON Clothing By Westside

Skateboarder fashion, around the world reflects these philosophies, and brings a global community together. NUON's skater-inspired apparel explores these elements of freedom, independence, and forging your own identity.

For the intrepid NUON man, oversized is huge this season. From oversized printed shirts to flannels in different colours, wear shirts by themselves or as layers. Or tie them around your waist as just a cool accessory. You do you, bro. Hoodies are always a skater favourite, and are versatile garments that can be worn solo, or under shirts. NUON's hoodies are stylishly baggy, but aren’t out-of-shape, helping you make the right statement. Skinny jeans and denim jackets bring these looks together effortlessly. NUON jeans are stretchable and comfortable, allowing you mobility, and will make you want to live in them forever. And denim jackets are the coolest layers ever, right? Who can go wrong with them? Finish the looks with simple jewellery and beanies. And for your feet, all you need are sneakers – the chunkier, the better.

Skater Dress By NUON For Women
Jumpsuits By NUON For Women

For the NUON woman who wants to make a statement, we are talking jumpsuits and slim-fit dresses in earthy pastels, that are high on fashion and functionality. jumpsuits are the hottest outfits this season, and you can never go wrong with one. They add structure to an ensemble, and make you look tall, strong, and elegant – all at the same time. For layers, the options are endless. Try faux fur jackets that are oh-so-luxe but also have an edgy streetwear vibe to it. Bombers in dusty solids are also big favourites this year, and they look stylish and keep you warm. If you want to take it a notch higher, wanna try out an all-over paisley printed jacket? Beanies and caps are a must to finish your look, along with some cool trinkets. And sneakers. Definitely sneakers.

So, look cool, feel independent, and make those high jumps in life – and with the skateboard – because that’s how you learn to fly. NUON will make sure you look fantastic doing it.

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